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    Don't just take our words for it, let's hear from the pea-ple!

    One of the best plant based milks I have had so far. Tastes amazing! Helps me hit my protein count as an athlete & goes well with nearly everything.

    A great vegan alternative to dairy milk without artificial sugar, gluten, egg, soy and it's very friendly to the environment! Snappea is also very versatile, I used Snappea in many recipes including baking, cooking & even to make vegan mayonnaise.

    I'm so in love with Snappea milk especially Richly Chocolate. Its super delicious!

    Simply unsweetened is my favourite. Love the natural pea taste, and I can get 10g of protein in 250ml. This is a good choice to replace diary milk.

    Love the whole plant-based milk idea & how I can gain much more nutrients than cow’s milk! Snappea makes drinking milk enjoyable as part of my healthy diet 😊

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